Изели тип до н.э. 240

Станок для заточки 3-осевого станка с ЧПУ BC 240 для ленточных пил
ут панглица2


• Face and back grinding for stellite-tipped and carbide-tipped band saw blades as standard fitting
• Grinding-mist exhaust fully integrated in basic machine
• Band saws blades up to 360 mm of width
• Feed from right or from left (on choice)
• Fully closed protection hood with wet grinding
• Central height adjustment by electric control without saw blade supports
• Bakelite grinding-wheel D. 400 / 10 x 127 mm
• Water cooled spindle motor max. 8 KW
• X-, Y- and W- axes equipped with linear guides
• Tooth shape CNC-controlled by X- and Y- axes
• 3rd CNC axis for sharpening of tooth face and tooth back
• Tooth shapes retrievable from the control unit (99 tooth shapes as standard fitting)
• Operation by colour touch screen
• Pneumatic blade clamping
• 1 set of tools and cleaning set
• Electric equipment according to IEC-Standards 204-1

Технические характеристики:

Шаг зуба 10 - 80 мм
Высота зуба до 40 мм
Передний передний угол 0 - 35 °
Ширина лезвия 75 - 360 мм
Длина лезвия от 5300 мм
Корунд Шлифовальный круг: 400 мм
CBN Шлифовальный круг 300 мм
Диаметр отверстия 127 мм



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